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NAFTA opened doors for Mabe in building alliances with other leading North American companies.


The household appliance sector’s further regional integration has been remarkably successful. Since NAFTA was implemented, Mexico has become a leading supplier of household appliances to the United States and Canada, meeting these countries’ consumer needs for home and kitchen appliances such as ranges, refrigerators, dryers and washing machines.

NAFTA has provided the certainty and predictability that investors need to do business by eliminating tariff barriers and facilitating confidence in trade between the three partners. Within this business-friendly framework, the Mexican firm Mabe has emerged as a leading global appliance supplier, bringing with it over 60 years of experience.

To integrate more fully into the North American market, Mabe and General Electric created a joint venture in the late ’80s. In less than a decade, this venture secured Mabe and GE as leading manufacturers of gas ranges and refrigerators in Mexico and the United States.

As a result of expanding business opportunities in North America, Mabe acquired Canadian Camco to consolidate operations in 2005.

NAFTA has empowered Mabe to join forces with other North American industry leaders to deliver products and professional expertise, with transactions valued at around $2 billion in both finished products and components, making this region a stronger global competitor.

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Source: Government of Mexico